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queen | Definition of queen by Merriam-Webster

Learn English word queen from the movie Frozen (2013)

A kingdom of isolation and it looks like i'm the queen.

Because the Queen has come of age.

Oh, me sore eyes can't wait to see the Queen and the Princess.

Queen Elsa of Arendelle.

Your first dance as queen.

Elsa! I mean... Queen...

Your Majesty! Long live the Queen! Queen Elsa...

The Queen has cursed this land!

The Queen perhaps, I don't know, passed through here?

So tell me, what made the Queen go all ice-crazy?

Be prepared for anything, and should you encounter the Queen, you are to put an end to this winter. Do you understand?

Be on guard, but no harm is to come to the Queen.

She was killed by Queen Elsa.

There can be no doubt now, Queen Elsa is a monster and we are all in grave danger.

With a heavy heart, I charge Queen Elsa of Arendelle with treason and sentence her to death.

I demand to see the Queen!

I have a message from the Queen.

No. I can't accept this... You have to. No returns. No exchanges. Queen's orders.

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